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Welcome! I’m Peter Donisanu, founder of Franklin Madison Advisors – a fee-only fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor, Wealth Management firm based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I started this company after spending the better part of two decades at a Wall Street bank providing advice to other financial advisors and chasing what I thought was the American Dream: Climbing the corporate ladder, acquiring material possessions like trophies but never quite feeling like I was getting ahead or achieving the kind of success that would ever leave me feeling satisfied.

Sensing frustration with my station, I began reassessing my priorities in an effort to figure out what I really wanted from my life.  As a husband and father of three young children, I identified with family as my number one priority.  However, I found that the way that I was living my life gave priority to my career and not my loved ones.

At the same time, I had always wanted to pursue excellence, be authentic and have the ability to control my own destiny through my vocation. Yet, these things were missing in my old life.  What I needed was the right venue. I discovered that by simply reshuffling my priorities and my financial resources I could chart my own course and change my life.  That’s why I started Franklin Madison Advisors.

But we’re not like many other wealth managers out there.   What makes our company different is that we earn a living when people pay us for our time, not when we sell investment and insurance products.  Our business model enables us to serve individuals in an intentional way, putting our client’s interests first.

Today, I have the flexibility to make my family a priority and serve people from a place of authenticity.  My hope is to use my professional and life experience to help my clients create, grow and preserve their wealth so that they too can achieve their own life’s vision and purpose.


  • News junky.
  • Avid reader, some children’s books but mostly non-fiction with a focus on self-improvement, religion, history and finance.
  • I jog on a regular basis because I am blessed with a wife who makes bread and bakes sweets every week.
  • Harley Davidson enthusiast, I ride whenever time (and the weather) permit.
  • Home Depot over Lowe’s except when Lowe’s is closer.
  • Grew up on the West Coast, lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for 8 years before making my way out east. Loving Pittsburgh, but still West Coast at heart.
  • A good steak is hard to find; but, unassuming restaurants tend to surprise the most.
  • I am in my element when I’m geeking out over a spreadsheet.
  • Well versed in economic theory and practice; I run my own econometric models.
  • Prior life: member of Wells Fargo Investment Institute’s Global Macroeconomic Strategy Team + voting member of its Global Investment Strategy Committee.
  • Enjoy creating capital market and economic outlook and setting the firm’s overall investment strategy.
  • A thought leader that has been quoted in the financial press and featured on TV and radio.
  • Two decades experience in the financial services industry.
  • Series 65 Licensed Investment Advisor Representative
  • CFP Certification Education, The American College
  • MBA with an emphasis in Finance from City University of Seattle.
  • BA in Business Administration from Western Governor’s University.
Peter Donisanu - Chief Financial Strategist - Franklin Madison Advisors

Peter Donisanu
Chief Financial Strategist
President, Franklin Madison Advisors


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Franklin Madison Advisors is registered with the Department of Banking and Securities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  We are a fee-only registered investment advisor (RIA).  To be considered fee-only, we cannot earn commissions on the sales of investment or insurance products.  We earn a living when our clients pay us for our time.

Like a doctor, lawyer or an accountant, a registered investment advisor has a fiduciary (legal) duty to put their client’s best interest first.  This differs from a broker-dealer which is held to a suitability standard.  Franklin Madison Advisors, Inc. is an independent Wealth Management firm and is not a subsidiary of or in business with any other RIAs, broker-dealers, banks or other entity.

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