Go to college, find a good job, get married, have kids and save for retirement.  This had been the traditional financial playbook for many households. Yet, over the past few decades it has become harder for some people to get ahead as traditional routes to financial success have produced seeming financial dead-ends.

Founded by Peter Donisanu in 2019, Franklin Madison Advisors was formed to serve people who feel like they’ve been doing all the right things, but still feel stuck financially.  Our mission is to create strategies tailored to people’s non-traditional circumstances, helping our clients get ahead in life financially by providing 1) financial planning, 2) investment management and 3) ongoing financial advising and coaching services.

We do this by guiding our clients through a structured planning process, helping them articulate an envisioned use for their savings, developing strategies to accumulate needed resources and helping our clients implement their long-term financial goals.  What’s more, our no sales, fee-only compensation structure means that we spend our time focused on actions that help our clients achieve their own definition of financial success. 

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Peter Donisanu is Chief Financial Strategist and President at Franklin Madison Advisors. 

Mr. Donisanu is responsible for developing financial strategies that help the firm’s clients get ahead in life financially.  He is also responsible for developing the firm’s capital market and economic outlook and sets the firm’s overall investment strategy.  Mr. Donisanu’s work has been quoted in the financial press, including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, the Financial Times, Nikkei, Reuters and other global outlets and has appeared on CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg Television and Radio, the Business News Network and NHK World Japan. 

Prior to founding Franklin Madison Advisors, Mr. Donisanu worked at Wells Fargo Investment Institute as a member of its Global Macroeconomic Strategy team.  There, he was voting member of its global investment strategy committee and responsible for developing economic and market forecasts, writing about the financial markets, global economic and geopolitical developments and contributing to the firm’s overall investment strategy guidance. 

Mr. Donisanu has worked in the financial services industry since 2001 and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Western Governor’s University and an MBA with an emphasis in Finance from City University of Seattle.  Mr. Donisanu lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife and three children. 


Peter Donisanu
Chief Financial Strategist
President, Franklin Madison Advisors