Peter Donisanu

Chief Financial Strategist

A Practice Built on Pursuing What Matters Most in Life

Our firm was founded on the principle that almost anyone can become financially independent with the right strategy and resources.  In fact, our name, Franklin Madison Advisors, embodies this idea.  Growing up in a blue-collar, working-class neighborhood, I was the first in my family to graduate from college and went on to have a successful corporate career on Wall Street. 


So why Franklin Madison Advisors?  Well, the name Franklin Madison represents places in time where I committed to leaving behind a crippling attitude about money to pursue a life filled with purpose.  I share this personal history with you to reinforce the point that it doesn’t matter where you started in life or what condition your finances are in today.  If you’re serious about becoming financially independent, what matters most is the place in time where you finally commit to aligning your money with your passions. 

Why Work with Me?


I specialize in assisting top-tier tech professionals and entrepreneurs, just like you:


  • Get a handle on your cash flows.
  • Navigate equity compensation intricacies.
  • Optimize tax strategies.
  • Plan for both early and traditional retirements.
  • Establish your legacy.


With over 20 years in the financial realm, including pivotal roles at Wells Fargo Investment Institute and appearances in leading media outlets like CNBC and the Wall Street Journal, I offer not just expertise, but real-world experience.


My background spans both the tech and financial sectors. Starting out in roles from database administration to software engineering, I transitioned into finance, leveraging my tech experience to excel as a quant and later, an econometrician. In a world where tech and finance increasingly intersect, my combined experience positions me uniquely to guide you.


I’m committed to the highest standards of ethics as a Series 65 Licensed Investment Advisor Representative. And my academic background includes an MBA with a Finance emphasis and completion of the CFP® Certification Education program.


Outside the Office: I’m a passionate runner, human experience enthusiast, and proud family man residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Peter Donisanu - Chief Financial Strategist - Franklin Madison Advisors

Peter Donisanu
Chief Financial Strategist
Franklin Madison Advisors

Phone: (412) 307-0297

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