We'll Guide You Through a Results-Oriented Process

Step 1: 15-Minute “Are We a Fit” Meeting

Knowing what to expect is essential when you invest time and hard-earned money into a wealth management process.  That’s why a quick 15-minute discussion can help you gain confidence that you’re working with the right person and that their approach suits your financial needs and goals before making a time or financial commitment.


Step 2: “Get to Know You” Questionnaire

We will ask you to complete a comprehensive financial questionnaire ahead of our next meeting. This survey includes providing us with a brief overview of your financial situation.  We will also ask specific questions about your financial needs, goals, and investment risk tolerances.  Having this information ahead of the Vision and Planning meeting will provide a basis for our in-depth financial and investment planning discussion.


Step 3: Understand Your Life Priorities

Having a clear understanding of your financial priorities is central to a successful wealth management process. Our aim during this time is to establish Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-based (SMART) goals. We’ll meet (either by phone or video) and begin by discussing your questionnaire answers in more detail. This stage can be iterative, yet it sets clear expectations of what you can expect from the planning and investment process as we move forward.


Step 4: Learn More About Your Financial Situation

A clear understanding of your current financial situation is the next step in our process. During this time, we’ll ask you to provide us with particular financial, tax, and legal documents. Doing so will help us establish a baseline line from which to build your financial plan. As appropriate, we will also use this time to learn more about your financial needs, objectives, and time horizon for tailoring your custom investment solution. This level of detail will help ensure that your financial and investment plans are practical and implementable.


Step 5: Prepare Your Financial Plan

During this step, your financial advisor will take into consideration your unique passions and savings goals. We will prepare a custom-tailored CFP Practices and Standards-based financial and investment plan once we have gathered all of your relevant background financial information.  


Step 6: Strategize

Once the planning phase is complete, we’ll arrange a time to discuss our recommendations and the necessary work to achieve your financial goals. What’s unique about what we do is that we utilize a scenario-based approach in our planning process. This means that we provide you with three options that enable you to finetune your plan to find balance in living for today while planning for tomorrow. During this time, we will also go over your strategy schedule and begin talking through the first step toward implementing your financial and investment plans.


Step 7: Plan Implementation

Plans get put into motion during the implementation phase. During this step, you will have an opportunity to apply our recommendations practically. We’ll provide you with a schedule that concisely lays out what you need to do to achieve your financial goals. Your aim during this time is to take tangible actions outlined in your financial plan that move you closer to achieving your financial goals.


Step 8: Monitor and Repeat

What gets measured gets done. We will meet once a month to review the implementation of your strategy calendar and determine whether you’re moving closer to achieving your financial goals. We will also use this time to evaluate whether your financial plan needs to be adjusted as changes in your life occur and make specific recommendations on how best to overcome implementation obstacles.


The First Step Begins with a Call

No Cost or Obligation

We want you to know exactly the kind of help you’re going to get before you spend your hard-earned money.


The Takeaway

You will finish knowing which financial objectives you need to tackle in order to make your next important move.

15-Minute Call

The very first step is a 15-minute phone call.


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