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Many individuals don’t need a Wealth Manager.  


To be sure, anecdotal evidence suggests that many Americans can create a budget, pay their bills, manage debt, and save for retirement on their own.


One reason for this outcome is that our economic system offers a straightforward path for many individuals: identify a vocation and pursue a career, then use your financial resources to acquire and manage a lifestyle that is dependent on a steady wage.


This economic system, however, isn’t for everyone.

Some individuals want more from life than simply living to work.  


They want to escape the nine-to-five grind, achieve financial independence, and carve out their own path in life.  


If you experience a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach around 4 pm on Sunday nights, you might be one of these individuals.


In fact, you may be asking yourself how you can use your money to pursue a life with more meaning.


That’s where we come in.


Franklin Madison Advisors is a Pittsburgh-based, independent Wealth Management firm founded by Peter Donisanu.


We are a fiduciary and offer fee-only financial planning and investment management services.


We exist to help individuals and families use their wealth to achieve financial independence. We do this by helping you gain clarity, confidence, and peace of mind concerning your financial independence journey.

Peter Donisanu - Chief Financial Strategist - Franklin Madison Advisors

Peter Donisanu
Chief Financial Strategist
President, Franklin Madison Advisors

Clarity: Get clear about what life in financial independence looks like and what it will take to get there.


Confidence: Have confidence knowing that your plan has considered all aspects of your future cash needs, tax consequences, market volatility, and potential legal issues as you move toward financial independence.  


Peace of Mind: We’re not stockbrokers or salesmen – we’re relationship-oriented financial professions. With two decades of financial services experience and as a fee-only fiduciary, you can rest assured that you have a trusted partner who will guide you with objective advice that’s always in your best interest.

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