We Exist to Help Driven Individuals Achieve and Maintain Financial Independence.

You can create, grow and preserve financial wealth. We’ll show you how to remove roadblocks preventing you from taking your financial independence journey to the next level.

More than a Financial Plan – A Roadmap for Financial Independence

Few individuals want a financial plan.  We believe that what many people need is to work with a professional specializing in identifying ways to take their unique financial situation to the next level. 


To be sure, you may already understand the disciplines necessary for creating, growing, and preserving financial wealth.  Even so, what you’re likely looking for is a professional willing to help you develop a concrete roadmap that moves you towards and ensures that you remain financially independent. 


To this end, you’ll likely want to work with a professional who takes the time to understand your life priorities intimately and has the tools, training, and experience to develop strategies that connect the dots between your life priorities and the financial resources necessary to achieve them.

We Deliver Where it Matters Most

1. Clarity:
Get clear about what life in financial independence looks like and what it will take to get there.

2.  Confidence:
Have certainty knowing that your savings and spending strategies have considered all aspects of your future cash needs, tax consequences, market volatility, and potential legal issues as you move through financial independence.

3. Peace of Mind:
We’re not stockbrokers or salesmen – we’re relationship-oriented financial professions looking out for your best interests and making sure your financial plans are on the right track.

4. Fee-only Advice:
No hidden fees! Our fee-only approach makes understanding what you pay (and why) easy.

5. Fiduciary Standard:
With two decades of financial services experience and as a fee-only fiduciary, you can rest assured that you have a trusted partner who will guide you with objective advice that’s always in your best interest.

6. Exceptional Client Service:
We go above and beyond to ensure that you feel like our most valued client.  We are available to meet and discuss your most pressing questions when it’s most convenient for you. We’re always a phone call or email away.


A Partner in Your Financial Independence Journey


Aside from advocating for your financial independence and helping you achieve essential life goals, our primary mission is to understand you as an individual, identify your financial hurdles, and offer bespoke advice you can put to work today.  To be sure, our main objective is to establish a deep, long-term relationship with you built on trust, not to sell you a service and move on.


Another element that differentiates us from other financial planning and investment management firms is our inquisitive communication style. We dig deep and ask a lot of questions. We designed our approach to help you uncover your financial strengths and learn new skills that may enable you to take your financial independence journey to the next level.


We evaluate your financial and life situation from multiple angles. Doing so will provide you with a range of planning and investment solutions to choose from that best suit your lifestyle goals while increasing the odds that our advice may work for you. What’s more, we offer step-by-step guidance you can implement alone or partner with our team to ensure that your goals stay on the right track for the long-term. 


Why Do Our Clients Work with Us?


Our clients work with us because they’re unique individuals. Their life path does not fit the traditional mold of society at large. What sets them apart is that they’re intentional with their money and passionate about achieving and maintaining financial independence. 


Our clients don’t come to us looking for a budget or simple investment advice.  In fact, many of our clients are professionals who have already achieved a high level of personal and professional success.  What they want is custom-tailored advice that reflects their unique lifestyle situation.


Our clients work with us because they know that, as their trusted advisor, we’re here to watch their blind spots, identify financial obstacles and evaluate ways to optimize their unique approach for creating, growing, and preserving financial wealth.  


Most importantly, our clients work with us because they know that we’re devoted to exceptional client service.  To us, high-quality client service means being respectful of your time, available when you need us most, and committed to helping you address financial challenges as they arise diligently.

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About Our Firm

Franklin Madison Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) whose principal place of business in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We are a FINRA registered financial planning and investment management firm, licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities. 

Franklin Madison Advisors, Inc. is independent and not affiliated with any broker-dealer or insurance company.  Investments managed by Franklin Madison Advisors are custodied at TD Ameritrade/Charles Schwab.  As a fee-only fiduciary, our clients pay us directly.  This compensation structure means that we do not earn commissions on advice that results in the purchase or sale of financial securities.